Thursday, December 22, 2016

Important Duties and Responsibilities of a Caregiver

People who cannot anymore deal with their responsibility to their loved ones are seeking for the assistance and services of caregivers. Caregivers are assisting people in different tasks, allow seniors to stay at the comfort of their home rather than sending them to nursing facilities. Hired caregivers responsible to render service at home fill out the role of the family for their senior loved ones.
This is the reason why understanding important duties and responsibilities of a caregiver is very important to assure that they can truly meet the needs of elderly people.

One of the most important roles of caregivers at home is to offer companionship. For some seniors, the best time they can socialize is during the time when they have their caregivers with them. This is because; their family cannot give the time they wanted. When a caregiver arrives at home, they can give senior an opportunity to talk to them and offers them an immediate break from isolation.

Personal Care
This personal care includes dressing, hygiene as well as medication. These tasks can help seniors to maintain cleanliness and healthiness of their body. Those seniors who lack abilities to do physical activities such as bathing and dressing can be assisted by caregivers and do the activity for them. Caregivers can also assist them in some hygienic task such as hair combing, using the toilet and a lot more.
For those seniors having cognitive limitations such as forgetting to take their medicines, well there is nothing to worry about as caregivers can do such responsibility for them. They can give you the medicine that you need to take.

Prepare Meals
Preparing your meals is continuously becoming more and more difficult as you age. Well, if this will be the case, you may hire for a professional caregiver who will do the preparation of your meal. Caregivers are equipped with the right knowledge and skills on how to let your body acquire the best nutrition with the meals they are going to prepare.

Monitor Performance
Caregivers’ main duty and responsibility is to monitor the performance of your senior loved ones. Since they are already old, there are certain activities that they may sometimes forget or sometimes may be executed at the wrong way. This is where caregivers’ duty comes in as they need to monitor every performance of their patient. Once a wrong act is done, they need to correct it or sometimes they are creating a plan that could enhance their patients’ performance.
These are just some of the common responsibilities and duties of caregivers. There are still a lot more of duties that they need to attend to. This is the reason why this type of job is considered to be one of the most difficult jobs of a person.
In choosing caregivers, you need to be very careful and know more about their skills, professionalism and qualification.  At Extended Arms Senior Home Care, you are on the right place to seek for caregivers. Our caregivers are qualified, skilled, and professional and can be well-trusted in terms of services and assistance needed by your elderly love one. We promise that as you choose our caregivers, your loved ones are on the right hand.

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